Krkos József

Hunor Toma

I am a carpenter and civil engineer by profession. I have been working in alpine technic since 2003, which is my hobby as well. I have gained great experience especially in felling dangerous trees, hoisting heavy, vulnerable items safely with swivel blocks, painting churches and steeples, metal structure construction, rope technic jobs in explosion hazardous areas, such as the inner cleaning of grain elevators, pluggage unstopping. Besides cleaning, danger eliminating and building maintenance I also worked in many areas with rope technic.

Krkos József

József Krkos

I have been working in alpine technic since 1996, primarily in industrial environment, power schemes, factories, carrying out maintenance and demolition, thus gaining great experience in the construction, demolition and surface handling of metal structures, tanks, pipe systems and furthermore in the demolition and reconstruction of hard-to-reach walls, concrete constructions, very often in an envronment full of poisonous gases, vapours and/or extremely corrosive substances. Under a restorer’s supervision I did preservative and maintenance jobs on historic properties, stone carving repairing and other restoration jobs with rope technic. Besides all these I set out and removed ornaments of various size and type, did building and window cleaning with rope technic.

Tibor Szűcs

I have been working in rope technic since 1998. During this time I did various types of alpine technic jobs, collecting considerable experience in building maintenance, standard and insulating plastering of facades, painting, preparation of insulation systems. I did the cleaning, window cleaning and danger elimination of high buildings. Well cleaning, the felling of dangerous trees also belong to my sphere of activity.

Krkos József

Szűcs József

I have been working with rope technic since 1997. For 6 years I had done the construction of mobile transmission towers. Besides these I did the construction of other metal structures, plastering, building insulation, painting, building maintenance, window cleaning, the washing of glass surfaces and windows, aerial fixing. I also have experience in tin-smith jobs.

Krkos József

Bálint Toma

I have been dealing with alpine technic simultaneously with my school studies. I have experience in the felling of dangerous trees, in window, glass-wall and other glass surface cleaning, painting and also in metal structure construction. I have electronic and power current technician qualification